Saturday, July 19, 2014


Here is a new fly I have been working on. The primary purpose for this fly is to get as deep as possible and as quickly as possible. This fly is tied with a 1oz tungsten weight and will need a 500-750 grain sink tip to cast. It is tied on a 4/0 Mustad 60degree jig hook. Its will be used to target deep water fish off of shipwrecks, oil rigs and other deep open water structure that hold fish like Amberjacks, Grouper, Snapper and so fourth in 60-90 feet of water. You can easily down size this fly and still have a fly that rides hook point up and has a great jiggy action.


Start off with a 60degree jig hook.

Run a piece of wire through the bullet weight and 
secure to the hook shank.

I like to add some glue to keep the weight from
rotating around the hook shank.

Tie in some SF Flash Blend using a V tie technique.

Tie in tome more in front of the weight. Make sure to
use enough material to cover around the weight.

Use some glue to hold the fibers around the weight.

Goop has become one of my favorite glues recently
to use to secure eyes and other processes in 
fly tying. Its cheap and can be
 found almost anywhere. 

Tie in some EZ body.

Fold the EZ body back over itself to 
cover up the weight.

Go ahead and tie off the EZ body

Take your second color, this color just needs to
extend past the bend of the hook. 

Move up the hook shank and tie one more set
of SF Flash Blend. Take some scissors and 
trim the fly to shape. Glue in your eyes.
and your done.