Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Spoon Full

Alright, not a true fly caught fish but what do you expect with a filter feeder. So I was running up river through some shallow water and looked down and saw this big dark object that caught my attention. There was a lot of glare on the water so I couldn't completely make out what I was seeing. I got past the sun and realized I was looking at was a paddle fish. It was very calm and just hung out in the same area so I got my camera and circled around and got some decent underwater video of him. Then I was thinking how many opportunities am I going to get at a fish like this. Ya I would have to snag him but is it any different than lining a salmon. Luckily I decided to rig up my nine weight at the last minute before I left the house that morning. I grabbed the rod and waded out to the fish and after a few quick attempts I had him hooked in the bill. He put up a decent fight and after a few quick pics he was back in the water swimming. Not a true fly caught fish but it was a fun experience. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love Hate Relationship

Beaversbend is such a great place, good fishing, great scenery, close to DFW. Whats not to like. The Crowds...... I always want to go up there and fish but more times than not I find myself very annoyed with the crowds. I try to limit my time up there during the winter months when crowds are more manageable.

 I put my buddy on his first fly caught fish
 A nice brown from the evening hole
 My wife's first fly caught fish
 This fish broke me off moments earlier
This fish went every bit of 6-7 lbs 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mokai Mods

Some of the mods I have done with the Mokai.

Found this $10 rod holder at Academy.
Holds 4 rods. 

Moved gear pegs to the starboard side
 to hold the paddle better

Installed a fish finder. 
Used 4" PVC to create a well

By using a rubber cap and filling the well with
water it creates a good picture on the 
fish finder and still makes it removable.

A portable fish finder works pretty
good for my situations.

The only thing I would change with the Moakai. Move the steering
arm under the cockpit more, along with moving the kill switch inside the cockpit.
Also replace the large wingnut with a low profile nut.