Friday, May 20, 2011

Slow Day on the Texoma Tailrace

Hit the river the other morning. Pretty slow day which is what I was kinda expecting with the north winds. First cast, not really a cast just threw the fly over the side of the yak while I stripped more line off the reel resulted in a 5" sand bass. Caught a handfull of those throughout the day along with some small blue cats. It would be a good fight to hook into a 20+ lb blue but the small ones are like pulling in a wet towel, they just twist and roll and slim your line up.

Did another mod to the Native. I installed this rod holder/tube and so far really like it. No more rods sticking out the back of the yak.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Catch

The Fiancee and I had our engagement pics taken several weeks ago. Below are some pics...

 "If a man is truly blessed, he returns home from fishing to be greeted by the best catch of his life."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Time on the Brazos

Landon and I spent a couple days on the Brazos below Lake Whitney. The fishing was great caught 50+ fish a day. Caught largemouth, smallmouth, and spots everyday with sandbass, stripers, red breast and catfish mixed in.

A chunk spotted bass. These were some of the most beautifully marked spots I have seen. They would get all lit-up when you caught them but the colors would fade within seconds of taking them out of the water so none of the pics came out how I would like them.

A big red breast

Landon fighting a big cat

Not the most scenic portion of the Brazos. But I'll add a few pics.