Sunday, April 17, 2011

Underwater Shots

Went to a little creek by the house to try to get some underwater shots of fish. Lots of fish on beds today with alot of greenies, gills and small bass caught. Fish every cast at times.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round Two

Went back to the river today. Didn't catch as many fish today but I did catch alot better fish. The morning started out with a great catfish bite. I caught lots of cats up to 24". I had a big cat break me off while I tried to keep him out of the timber. I ended up catching 3 of these goldeye's with the biggest going 17" 

Caught alot of spotted bass but could never find the largemouth. Ended the day with this 18" smallmouth.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Popper Dropper

Today I hit the river on Hubbard. Caught alot of bass to 3 lbs, saw several big females but they were not committed to the beds today. Caught a half dozen grinnel, some crappie, some large red ears, and got a short film of a bass taking the popper.

One of many grinnel from the day
(A very hard fighting fish)

Notice the black mark on the bottom fin

Big Red Ear
(Lots on the beds today)
Little fish but cool clip

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking the Bad with the Good

This morning when I was driving to the river I decided I wanted to try to catch a "hat trick" consisting of a large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass. I started throwing an Orvis streamer and picked up a nice spot right off the bat.

The next cast I hooked into a good fish, but the hook I thought. The stinger hook ended up breaking off......
Tied on a Kelly Galloup streamer and a few cast later had a fish follow and take the fly, set the hook and the fish shook I thought........more hook issues.......this time the stinger broke
Got the largemouth a little later
And had the smallmouth shake off at the side of the yak......

Despite the hook issues, lossing the smallmouth at the side of the yak and the 30 mph winds it was a very good day. Caught several catfish, a nice buffalo, lots of sandbass, a cool "leopard" marked striper and ended the day with 6 different species (largemouth bass, spotted bass, buffalo, sandbasss, striper and catfish) of fish in a few hours of fishing.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lunch Break

Got approved to work from home several days a week. So now I guess I can go down to the neighborhood pond and get some fishing in during lunch. Fishing was decent today, at least the wind wasn't blowing 20+.....ended up with several nice gills and some small bass.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 weights and 30 mph winds

Fish Denison Dam yesterday with Justin. The fishing was slow, Justin caught a catfish and a buffalo. I ended up with a couple sand bass and a fat striper.

Fished my parents pond today. The fishing is still a little slow and the 30 mph winds didn't help especially with a 3 weight. Ended the day with several nice bass and some solid gills.