Sunday, July 16, 2017

Good Day On The Flats


Its been to long since I've been able to chase come carp. The lake has finally dropped to a fish-able level. Hit the water with my buddy Justin. The day started off slow as we had some cloud cover that put to much glare on the water to really be able to see any fish. The sun burned the cloud cover off a little after 8am. Once the sun allowed us to see, the fish had no problem showing themselves. There were also of hex's in the trees along the waters edge. I was fish a hex nymph and Justin was fishing a bonefish bitter. I think we each landed around 6 fish before heading to the house by lunch time. I did get to test out the new rig I recently picked up; a TFO 7wt Axiom and put the new Orvis Hydros on it. Overall I was very happy with the the way the rod cast and the Hydros drag got to be tested out a little bit. Its a very light rig and will likely be one of my new favorites.