Friday, May 20, 2011

Slow Day on the Texoma Tailrace

Hit the river the other morning. Pretty slow day which is what I was kinda expecting with the north winds. First cast, not really a cast just threw the fly over the side of the yak while I stripped more line off the reel resulted in a 5" sand bass. Caught a handfull of those throughout the day along with some small blue cats. It would be a good fight to hook into a 20+ lb blue but the small ones are like pulling in a wet towel, they just twist and roll and slim your line up.

Did another mod to the Native. I installed this rod holder/tube and so far really like it. No more rods sticking out the back of the yak.


  1. I like the looks of those rod holders. I'm still looking for a solution on my Tarpon 120.

  2. pretty sick modification... need to figure out how to work something out on my outback. pretty apprehensive about drilling holes

  3. Thanks, I am fixing to make a rod holder for my Manta Ray also. Unfortunately drilling holes is just part it.