Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Guad

Have some in-laws down in New Braunfels and the wife and I were visiting over Thanksgiving. I was able to get in a little fishing. This is the second time I have been able to to fish the Guadalupe. The first time was several years ago and and I was impressed with the trout fishing. This year was no different. The fishing was great, the stockers were all fat and healthy looking fish with plenty of fight. The river is really low and the flows are next to nothing but the fish didn't seem to mind. The crowds were low which is a big plus in my book. IMHO I would rate this fishery better than Beavers Bend, at least during the months the tubers are not floating. If you fish the Guad I would highly recommend joining Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited

Average Stocker

No Crowds 

 Great Scenery

 Best fish of the trip 


  1. That last fish is a nice one! There is more water in the Guad than I thought from the looks of your pictures. Glad the crowds were at a minimum.
    Cody and I love to fish spot 6B, I believe it GRTU calls it, and walk back up around the bend. Guy whose property we drive through is pretty nice, too.

  2. Ya that fish took me into my backing, not sure how she didn't break me off on the rocks. Its a great river and I can't wait till my next trip down there.