Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spawn : Week 2

As the video above shows its amazing how a bass can hit/eat a lure and spit it out just as fast and never get a hook to stick. I watched my fly get eaten and spitted out on Wednesday faster than I could react to set the hook. And when I did react fast enough I couldn't get the hook to catch. I must have had 5 or 6 good bass hit my fly, all 2-3 lb fish, and not one was hooked. I did catch a few fish but nothing bigger then a pound. The bass are on beds but not to aggressive right now, in a week and a half that should change. The fishing Thursday was slower, probably due to the wind shifting to the north. Still caught a few fish. The fishing was good Saturday with several decent bass caught.

The EP Bluegill is my favorite fly to use when sight fishing to bass, especially during the spawn. The orange belly shows up well so I can track the fly easily. Bluegill are normally the primary predator to eggs/fry and bass typically become very aggressive with this fly.  


  1. Just saw your bass on a bed fly fishing video over at TFF, great video! Amazing how close that was!

  2. Thanks man, Ya I'm glad that male was being so aggressive guarding that bed and didn't mind the camera being so close. I will have the video up on Sunday when I do my weekly report.