Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brown or Bust

Made a quick trip to Arkansas this weekend looking for a big brown. The fish are just now starting to move up on the shoals. I momentarily hooked up with a nice 18-19" brown before he was able to shake the hook loose. I saw one really nice 10lb fish, but the moment we made eye contact she scooted off the shoal into the safety of deeper water. I fished to a nice 20" class fish but never got him to eat. There is a lot of small bows and small 10-14" browns that will readily take a well drifted fly. Looking forward to the next trip. I forgot my camera and all the pictures were taken with the GoPro.

Found this gar carcass, close to 4' long 

In a few years this will be a really nice fish.


  1. The colors on that brown is outstanding --thanks for sharing

  2. Great Site and great photos.