Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fabled Unicorn

Scott and I went to Arkansas this weekend in search of a "unicorn". Not the unicorn that resembles a white horse with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. But one of a golden brown color with red and black spots and more importantly exceeding 30 inches. Our plan was to fish with Steve Dally and float down the river throwing large streamers to the bank in hopes of capturing one of these mythical fish. However the COE decided not to run any water this weekend and that quickly put an end to our intentions. With no water being released into the river for the past few days it was rather low and "boney" as Steve would call it. The float produced several stockers that fell victim to egg and midge patterns. It was awfully cold all day with lots of cloud cover and bone chilling winds. Steve treated us to a nice shore lunch that defiantly hit the spot. The next day was spent with Ben Levin and still with no water being released streamer fishing was not an option. We wade fished several spots and caught a lot of fish including one brown, but far from a unicorn. We caught several nice rainbows and learned a lot from Ben. Scott and I really enjoyed fishing with both these guys and hopefully we can fish with them again.

Steve pointing out some fish to Scott

Average stocker

Only brown of the trip

Ben helping Scott land a fish


  1. Story of my life when I hit that river , seldom do I get the water I'm looking for.
    Still looks like you caught some fish and had a good time , that's really all that matters!

  2. Ya everything has to come together just right to get into those big fish. But we had a great time and made some new friends. There were a couple of huge fish caught below us though. There is no doubt that river is full of them.

  3. Casey
    I'll take that brown stocker any day awesome looking boat in the distance. I have fished White River some years ago. I need to get back there. thanks for sharing