Wednesday, May 28, 2014

San Juan

Here are a few pics from a trip I made to the San Juan back in 07. Had a great time and unfortunately lost a lot of the pictures from the trip. I need to get back out there one of these days.

Average fish for the Juan.

Releasing a nice 19" fish.

Netting a fish with the sandstone cliffs
 in the background.

Fish of the trip!

To pretty not to get a second pic.

Tightening up the drag after a big fish 
almost spools me.  


  1. Casey
    I know you heard the drag sing a few times on this trip. Could there be a mount of one these trout in the future? Thanks for sharing

  2. I wouldn't mind a nice replica one of these days. But right now I'm pretty happy with the pictures. Hopefully one day I'll have a man cave/fishing room and then some replicas will have to be done.