Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sexy Baitfish

This pattern is tied on a 5/0 Gammy EWG (extra wide gap) worm hook. I wanted something that rode hook point up and was weightless. This pattern nearly suspends since it is made of ostrich, marabou, a little bucktail and some Senyos laser dub. It has great action and with quick strips will dance side to side. Its a fairly quick pattern to tie and hopefully will be an addition to your fly box. You can contact me by email 2FlyFish4@gmail.com and I'd be more than happy to tie you up some. 

Start off with about 2 inches of 40lb hard mono and by using a lighter you can melt a ball at the end. This is the same technique one would use to make mono eyes for crab and shrimp patterns. You'll want to keep the mono pointing up while using a lighter to melt the mono. The flame will burn and melt the mono creating a small ball. It helps to spin/twist the mono as it is melting to create an even more circular ball. The main purpose of melting the ball on the end of the mono is to keep the materials from sliding off the first time this fly gets hit. Put the mono in your vice. You just need roughly a quarter of an inch to tie your materials in. You'll want the mono ball pointing to the tail of your fly. Make sure to glue your threads to maximize the life of the fly. 

Grab an ostrich plume and pull some herls of. 10-12-15 or so will be plenty. Before you tie them in remember the fly is only going to be about a quarter inch longer; so the length you tie in these herls is pretty much going to the the length of this fly. After you tie the ostrich in tie in some flash. In this case I am using yellow flashabou. Next just take a pinch of buck tail to tie in. Make sure the buck tail is evenly distributed around the mono/ostrich herl. I do this to add some rigidity to the fly. I want the fly to have a lot of movement that is why I chose ostrich and marabou but I also want it to hold some some shape. I then take a good marabou plume, you may want to use 2 if you cant find a good one. The extra select are the best for this fly. Take the plume and palmer it in, making sure to sweep the feathers back to minimize trapping. A good tip is to use a spray bottle to moisten the feathers to keep them under control and swept back and out of the way. You can now whip finish and remove the first part of this fly.

I'm using a 5/0 gammy worm hook. I have also down sized this fly a little and used a 2/0 hook. The total length of this fly is roughly 4 1/2 to 5 inches with a 5/0 hook. With the 2/0 it is 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Put the hook of your choice into the vice and tie in the mono on top of the hook shank as shown. Make sure the materials butt up against the neck of the hook shank also shown below and cut off the excess. Make sure to use some glue to double secure the mono to the hook shank. I like the brush applicator super glue bottles. Grab ya some Senyos laser dub, put a pinch of dub on each side of the hook shank and one pinch of contrasting color on the top of the hook shank. Advance you thread forward and fold the laser dub back over its self. Next tie another pinch on top of the hook shank and one on the bottom of the shank. Advance your thread and whip finish right behind the eye of the hook.The color choices are yours. In this case I am using some chartreuse, olive and brown/orange to mimic a longear sunfish. But white grey for shad and white chartreuse will catch just about anything.

Take a old tooth brush or dubbing brush and brush the dubbing out and into shape. Add some eyes and your ready to go. I like to use goop to attach my eyes. The stuff is cheap and can be picked up at pretty much any hardware or general store.

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