Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Frenzy

Its been a fairly warm winter so far here in Texas. Today was warm, sunny and a perfect day to go see if the fish would be biting. And that they were. Probably one of the best February days I've had bass fishing. I fished a new fly I tied up a few weeks ago. If you do any conventional bass fishing you are probably aware of Gary Yamamoto's Senko. The Senko took the bass fishing world by storm a few years ago and is a highly effective soft plastic bait. I tie this fly on a Gamakatsu finesse wide gap hook. I use three shanks(10, 15 and 20 mm) of the fish spine shanks. The body is tied with Arizona Semi-seal dubbing. This particular fly was tied in the black/blue color. As you can see if very closely resembles a Senko. The fly has a slow 1.5"-2.5" per second sink rate. I fished it on a floating line, but if I had to do differently I would fish it on a 15' intermediate tip to get the fly down a little quicker and keep it down through the retrieve. The water is still fairly cold and the bass aren't overly active yet. Small strips with long pauses and they would really smack this fly on the pause. Several fish nearly jerked the rod out of my hand. Really looking forward to fishing this fly some more and getting it fine tuned.

Really like this Gammy hook.

Lots of nice healthy fish today.

Fish of the day.

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