Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer Gill'n

Well, this is the last week of Summer Gill'n. It has been a fun series with a lot of really nice fish caught. I came across this interesting article from In-Fisherman regarding weights of bluegill relative to their length. Now to start, the most accurate weight conversions involve length and girth, but if all you have is length the formula below is fairly accurate as this is a species specific formula. This formula was developed by taking length and weight ratio from tens of thousands of fish. I don't think In-Fisherman did much of the actual measuring and weighing of the fish but likely compiled the data from local fish and wildlife agencies. The conversions are not meant to be a hundred percent accurate but will get you in the ballpark of what the fish weighs.    

5 in 0.09 lb
6 in 0.16 lb
7 in 0.27 lb
8 in 0.42 lb
9 in 0.62 lb
10 in 0.88 lb
11 in 1.21 lb
12 in 1.61 lb
13 in 2.10 lb

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