Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Spot

Today started off really slow with hardly anything going on. At about 11am I stumbled across a hole that was holding several nice spotted bass. The first fish was a solid 4lb fish. Huge for Texas standards. The all time state record is about 5 and a half pounds out of Lake Alan Henry. At first I thought this fish was a nice largemouth but once I went to lip him I knew he was a spot. They can be kind of hard to tell the difference. A largemouth jaw will extend past his eye, and have a broken dorsal fin. A spotted bass dorsal fin will be connected, their jaw will not extend past their eye and they will have a rough patch on their tongue along with dots on their belly that will form lines. In a half dozen cast into this hole I was able to pull out 3 nice fish, all of which were some the largest spotted bass I have landed on the fly. They took a smaller game changer that I tie up, roughly a 3.5" fly that I have been having a lot of luck on this year. 

The Jump After The Release

Here s a little house sparrow that was tangled up in an old cast net. 
Got her untangled and released to see another day. 


  1. I liked the bass / fly content. I really dug the sparrow part. Awesome of ya!

  2. Great that you helped the bird, he was lucky that you came by!
    It's always sad to see that some people just leave their stuff behind on the river. No matter if it's line, fishing hooks or lures. Those things can do serious damage to the wildlife in such sensitive areas. I always try to pick up as much as possible and hope that others that enjoy the outdoors do too.

    Thanks for sharing
    Sara from Wadinglab