Wednesday, February 23, 2011

True Loops

Having used several store bought mono loops, and I cant say I have ever had one fail. I have come up with a different concept that I call true loops.  I call them true loops because unlike most store bough braided loops that rely on the catching mechanism of the braided mono to hold the tag end, true loops have both ends secured.

I like to use 50lb gudebrod and a regular sewing needle to do the splicing.
I then use a pen to control the loop size.
You can cut about 1/4" below the tag end. I like the total length to be around 6-8".
You then inch worm the braided mono onto the flyline. It will be alittle harder since you doubled up the braided mono so it will take a few minutes longer.

I like to use 80lb Power Pro (braided spectra fishing line) to secure 2 or 3 nail knots. Cut the tag ends, add some knot glue like Loons Knot Sense and your finished product.

I like the true loops becasue:
1 Both ends are secured.
2 The loop is right up next to the flyline so you have better energy tranfer to your leader
3 they are very strong, I have lifted 40lbs with no slipping or breaking.


  1. Sweetness. Good luck this week. I will be looking for the report. Maybe we could design a lure/castable razor blade to catch and cut all the 100lb braid below the Denison Dam? Snagging that line and feeling it give when you pull on it is so frustrating. I have lost many flies and a fly flyine or two to it. Every time I see those fellas with the braid make a cast i cringe and know that he and his line will cost me several flies.

  2. Just a suggestion. Next time use a medium blue or green solid color background for your photos, makes lines, knots and flies easier to see.

  3. What the hell is gudebrod and how do you splice it?

  4. gudebrod is braided mono and by using a needle you can splice it.