Friday, March 4, 2011

Bucks on the Beds

Fished yesterday at DD and got one small striper. I think the water is still to cold for the fish to get active but it should be good to go in a 3-4 weeks.
Then this morning decided I would take the boat to Hubbard and fish the mouth of Rowlett  Creek. Got just outside of the buoy and was still idling when I hit a stump. No big deal I've done that plenty........Not this time.....the engine is knocking pretty good. Dropped it off at the shop on the way home..... hopefully I will have it back within 2 weeks.

So I went and hit some ponds in the neighborhood. Lots of these.

Lots of bucks up on the beds, saw a few females accompanying them.

One of my favorite flies for bedded bass is the EP bluegill. I like it because it is light weight and enters the water softly so you don't have to worry about spooking the fish. Even with it being light it still has a decent sink rate. The orange makes it very visible. The bass get pissed off at it more than any fly I have tried.  I do suggest keeping it in the water between fish because the fibers dry out quickly and the fly will float for a few seconds if it is not wet.