Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ultimate Mods

Since the boat is still in the shop......I decided to raise the seat in my Native Ultimate 14.5.

All you need is :
2 feet of 4" PVC pipe
3 feet of 2x4
pool noodle (optional)

Ended up raising the seat 5" which makes the already comfortable yak even more. Having a higher center of gravity will probably effect the stability in a negative way, but the Ultimate is already very stable and I don't think it will bother me any.

Before Shot

Cut PVC to 12" to lay in hull
Run two 2x4 for support and screw into PVC
Attach seat to 2x4 with screws

Add pool noodles inside PVC
(optional, I did it for added flotation)

Finished Mod 
(Raised the seat 5")

We will see how it handles/fishes this weekend.

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