Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking the Bad with the Good

This morning when I was driving to the river I decided I wanted to try to catch a "hat trick" consisting of a large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass. I started throwing an Orvis streamer and picked up a nice spot right off the bat.

The next cast I hooked into a good fish, but the hook I thought. The stinger hook ended up breaking off......
Tied on a Kelly Galloup streamer and a few cast later had a fish follow and take the fly, set the hook and the fish shook I thought........more hook issues.......this time the stinger broke
Got the largemouth a little later
And had the smallmouth shake off at the side of the yak......

Despite the hook issues, lossing the smallmouth at the side of the yak and the 30 mph winds it was a very good day. Caught several catfish, a nice buffalo, lots of sandbass, a cool "leopard" marked striper and ended the day with 6 different species (largemouth bass, spotted bass, buffalo, sandbasss, striper and catfish) of fish in a few hours of fishing.


  1. Looks like a nice trip. That leopard striper looks really cool!

  2. Thanks. It was a fun trip.
    Congrats on the big mouth buffalo! That was a sweet catch.