Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Popper Dropper

Today I hit the river on Hubbard. Caught alot of bass to 3 lbs, saw several big females but they were not committed to the beds today. Caught a half dozen grinnel, some crappie, some large red ears, and got a short film of a bass taking the popper.

One of many grinnel from the day
(A very hard fighting fish)

Notice the black mark on the bottom fin

Big Red Ear
(Lots on the beds today)
Little fish but cool clip


  1. I might be green still but what does the black mark on the fin mean?

  2. Not sure. I just thought it was cool. Below is a response I found on the web:

    It is possible that this condition is genetic, viral, or related to some environmental factor unique to certain bodies of water that stimulates the increased production of melanin. *This unusual pigmentation (melanosis) has been observed on bass within most reservoirs and in other areas of the country for many years. *The Fish Disease Diagnostics Laboratory at Auburn University is currently investigating the cause of hyperpigmented melanosis in *largemouth bass.