Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mokai Mods

Some of the mods I have done with the Mokai.

Found this $10 rod holder at Academy.
Holds 4 rods. 

Moved gear pegs to the starboard side
 to hold the paddle better

Installed a fish finder. 
Used 4" PVC to create a well

By using a rubber cap and filling the well with
water it creates a good picture on the 
fish finder and still makes it removable.

A portable fish finder works pretty
good for my situations.

The only thing I would change with the Moakai. Move the steering
arm under the cockpit more, along with moving the kill switch inside the cockpit.
Also replace the large wingnut with a low profile nut.   


  1. Does the fish finder cable get in the way of your feet? I'd like to see Mokai come out with a sit on top ride...easier to get in and out of when fishing. A merger between the Mokai engine/drive and the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler would be pretty much the ultimate fishing Mokai...but legal issues might be a problem with the guy who holds the patent on a jet drive kayak...they might be able to claim it's a motor driven boat instead of a Hobie classes the Pro Angler as a boat and not a kayak.

  2. never had any problem with the cable getting wrapped up in my feet.

    ya that would be a sweet rig.....

    i wish mokai would build a seat for their boats. the foam pads aren't that bad but it wouldn't take them much to build a better seat...