Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spawn : Week 6

Fishing this past week has been tough. We have been hit with a lot of rain and cooler temps. The fish have been off a little, but I have been able to pick off a few small bass and bluegills. The bluegills have started to move up shallow, they are still not real active but should be on their honey comb beds in a few more weeks. The weather cleared up for the weekend and the fishing was good. The weather looks better for next week and I'll be chasing some hybrids next weekend.   

Think this fish has a headache?

 My favorite rod for small waters. 

Here is a little video I shot this weekend. It funny how many times this bass hit the fly before I was able to finally hook it. Mostly because she wasn't fully eating the fly just kissing it. 

The fishing was great Sunday but full of mishaps. I missed 2 huge 20-30lb grass carp. The first one I pulled my fly right out of its mouth, he was facing me and I watched him came up and take it and then I stripped the fly to set the hook and I did it before the fish had closed its mouth and the fly came right out. On the other one the carp was swimming towards me when he took the fly and I could never catch up to the fish and he spit the fly before I could get any tension on him to set the hook. I also missed a 10 lb koi due to some faulty casting my fly got tangled up in the tippet and got turned around to when I set the hook the fly just popped out of his mouth. I did catch some nice 2-3 lb bass but spent most my time chasing grass carp. Due to the lack of wind today the grass carp were just cruising around all day right on top. I did see some fry already have hatched and got the below pic.


  1. Casey
    Nice looking bluegill, I have no clue what happen to the head of the bluegill. Sometimes the bass slap the fly to move it out of their area. Great video Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill, ya i think a bird (blue egret or cormorant) may have gotten a piece of that bluegill. It shows just how tough and resilient a such a small fish can be. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.