Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spawn : Week 7

I haven't had the chance to fish this week. Been to busy with work and getting some flies tied for my trip on Lake Tawakoni with Tony Parker. Here is a fly I started tying a few months ago and put this little video together. It is a rattle tail clouser and is a perfect way to add a rattle to a fly. The clouser minnow is in my opinion one of the best baitfish imitations there is. I fish clousers 90% of the time due to the fact I am always very successful with them and they ride hook point up. The rattle I added is just another sense the fish can use to pick up the fly. I have had the best luck with the brass rattles because the glass rattles just seem to break way to easily. I do like the sound better from the glass but the fact that they break so easily made me look for a different alternative.  

Here is another variation without the added bucktail teaser

I spoke to Tony Friday morning and he was on the lake with his clients in a school of fish. They were catching hybrids on top and while his clients were catching fish he took a few minutes to go over the game plan for my trip Saturday morning. Needless to say I was pumped up and didn't get much sleep Friday night. I meet Tony at Holiday Marina at 6:45am and we where on the water fishing a little after 7am. The fishing was great, the fish were blowing up on top and we were catching a lot of big hybrids and sandies. The Chartreuse Rattle Tail Clouser caught all the fish today. Tony Parker is a great guide and has been guiding for 25 years. I would highly recommend booking a trip with him if you are interested in getting into some fish. Storms and high winds ran us off the lake by noon, but we caught plenty of fish to have a great day. I'm not one to count fish but we ended with 15-20 nice hybrids and probably 10-15 big sandies. I know I'll be booking another trip with Tony again. 

A few seconds of the rough and wet 
boat ride back to the dock. 


  1. Casey
    I agree the Clouser is one great fly and the pattern you have tied is beyond awesome. Thanks for sharing this fantastic fly Pattern

  2. No problem Bill, glad you liked the fly. It is real simple and catches fish. What more could one ask for.