Sunday, May 20, 2012

Broken Bow

My Buddy had his bachelor party up in Broken Bow this weekend. The fishing was good and we had a great time. Ended up catching a lot of nice rainbows and one really good one plus a walleye/saugeye that was a surprise. I have never caught a walleye or saugeye so I cant tell the difference between the species. The bow caught me off guard, I was half half asleep day dreaming when she hit. I was lucky to get a good hookset and she immediately came up to the surface and rolled and I knew I had a good fish. My knees were getting weak and shaking. I was praying the tippit wouldn't break or she wouldn't shake the hook loose. She was head shaking a lot and rolling in the water. There were a lot of rocks she could have tried to wrap me around but didn't, she stayed in the open water. I finally got her in the net. Some people probably look at me like I'm an idiot on the river because I carry a huge net. But my thinking is; when you need a net you need a net. I never understood why people carry some a small 12" or so net. Small fish don't really need to be netted and a big fish isn't going to fit in a small net. Just my thoughts. 


  1. That last fish looks awesome! Great photos!

  2. Casey
    Unreal rainbow in an awesome looking place, glad you was able to brings some good to hand. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks guys, Broken Bow is a beautiful place to fish.