Sunday, May 6, 2012


Don't have any real fishing reports to post, I was to busy this week to do much fishing and the few hours I could sneak in today I didn't even land a fish. I had a few quick releases with the hook pulling, but they were just small bass and not really picture quality. I did buy me a new TFO BVK a couple weeks ago and have fished with it enough now to form an opinion. I got the 10ft 4weight with its primary purpose being used for indicator fishing for trout. The rod weighs in at 2.9 oz and is much lighter than the TFO Professional 10ft 5weight that it was bought to replace. The light weight of the rod will make high sticking all day much easier on the shoulder and with the Ross Evolution 2 it balances out nicely. The problem I had with the Professional 10ft 5weight was due to the weight of the rod and the lack of weight in the reel the rod was very tip heavy and did not balance out in my hand and just felt clumsy. The BVK has a light tip that will be perfect for protecting light tippets in the 6x and 7x range. I put a SA GPX 5weight line on it. While I typically don't like to overline rods I decided the 5weight line because I wanted a heavier line to turn over indicators and double and triple fly rigs with split shot. The 10ft length will make mending much easier at mid to longer rangers as well as setting the hook. The rod cast very nice but is a little slow to cast past 80 ft in most conditions. It does make nice and delicate presentations at close and mid ranges very well, which is what I bought it for and I'm sure TFO designed it for. Overall I am very happy with the BVK and recommend it to anyone looking for a good rod at a reasonable price. TFO is based out Dallas, TX and has one of the best customers service departments in the industry.


  1. Casey
    Everything you said about this rod is on point. I have the 8 1/2 ft. TFO 4 wt and really like it. I do high sticking with my 9 ft. and it is perfect for the tight waters I use it for. I am really into lightness and both these rod are super light. I found the Redington Drift reel to be the lightness reel I could find to use with both rod. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill, I will have to look in the Redington Drift.