Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Diego Jam

The San Diego Jam Knot is the knot I use most of the time when connecting my fly. I really like the knot and it works great on fluorocarbon. One thing I have learned when tying knots with fluorocarbon is to slowly tighten up the knot. If you tighten the knot to quickly the fluorocarbon will heat up and make your knots very weak. This is true even when the knot is wet, and the same is true with mono but fluorocarbon seems to weaken more with heat. Overall I have been pretty happy with this knot, the only thing I don't like about it is it typically uses up a lot of line to tie compared to other knots.  

Some more Pics from San Diego.

Beluga whale interaction at Sea World 

The water was 45 degrees

Riding horses on the beach
Mexico is right behind us

The stadium up on the hill is a bull fighting arena

Lots of border patrol in the area

A big ass walrus, 3500+lbs 

Big Sharks at the Sea World aquarium 

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  1. It looks like y'all are having a great time. The Beluga Whale was the first whale I ever saw in the wild in Alaska. Enjoy your trip, and I liked your knot.