Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Fish and Wet Fisherman

So far this August has been unseasonably cooler with quite a bit of rain for Texas standards. Fall seems to be approaching early this year. I noticed a few flights of teal along with some snipe on the river this morning. The  fish were happy and feeding today. I started the morning off throwing a crease fly and caught lots of striper. They were all on the small side but still a lot of fun to watch them hit the surface chasing the imitating shad as it popped along the surface. After the morning top water bite slowed down I switched to fishing subsurface and had a lot of action on clousers. I caught some nice stripers and smallies that were a ball on a five weight.

A pretty spotted bass

This striper fought hard on the 5wt

A very nice smallmouth

 It rained on and off all day

A nicely colored drum

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  1. Casey
    Great land on the 5 wt. ---takes skill to land that size fish with a inferior fly rod. Thanks for sharing