Friday, August 3, 2012

Suicide Trip

Suicide trips are what I call trips that I spend more time driving then I do fishing. I had to make a quick delivery to a customer up in Arkansas Thursday evening, and my boss was gracious enough to let me stay the night and get a few hours of fishing in Friday morning before I headed back. The first fish I caught that morning was a decent brown, shortly followed by a small brook trout, and the third fish was the rainbow to complete the slam. The rest of the morning consisted of one more brown trout and a few rainbows before I had to hit the road to head back. So 14hrs of driving, only a few hrs of sleep because I slept in the back seat of the truck. Which was no easy task due to getting eat'n up by mosquitoes and the cramped quarters of the truck with 80 degree temps didn't help out any. All in all I got 4hrs of fishing in; and I would do it all over again. And I'll be getting up at 4am to meet a buddy down on the Brazos to fish all day tomorrow. Have I mentioned how great my wife is and how much I love her for putting up with all my fishing. Love You Babe :)  

Nice Brown

The Brook

The Rainbow to finish the "Slam"

Into the fog 

Some of the brooders are 20+lbs 

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