Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Its hot and summer is creeping on, we still have about another 3-4 weeks before we get any relief. I do a little bit of fishing during this time frame, but mostly just day dream, reflect on past trips and plan for new ones. Football season is fixing to start and that's great. I'll start refilling the fly box as I sit in front of the TV watching the games on Sunday afternoon.

Went fishing this morning, it was really slow. The fish are feeling the heat and aren't overly active with these long days of the bright sun. I worked an area over pretty hard for a good hour and never got a bite on the clouser. This area always has fish in it. I switched and picked up a Game Changer that I tied on a 60 degree jig hook and put lead eyes on so it would ride hook point up. On the first cast I picked up a decent little smallmouth. But that was it. With no further bites I switched back to the clouser and picked up 3 more small fish, all spotted bass. I called it a day around 10 am and headed home. Fishing will continue to drag until it starts to cool. Once the days start getting shorter the fish will start to feed more.

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  1. Casey
    I am with you when it comes to slow fishing this time of the year. I usually get back on the water the first of October.
    Can't wait for Saturday to my Miss. State Bulldogs play in Houston for their opener against Oklahoma State.