Sunday, August 18, 2013

Port O'connor; Day 1

Scott and I had a great trip fishing with Capt. Steve Barnes out of Port O’Connor Texas. Steve took us offshore to chase some fish with the long rods. The Gulf was awesome to us. The weather was perfect, light winds and the waves were almost nonexistent. The fish were happy and feeding on our flies. We first started off at a shrimp boat that was dumping its by catch from the night before. It was covered up with Jacks. Scott and I both landed several 20+ lb Jacks. We then moved on looking for some different fish. Steve took us to a second location with some rocks in 200’ of water. Steve anchored the boat so we could hold our position on these rocks and really work it over. The current was ripping and all we really did was let our flies dangle behind the boat in the current. The current gave the flies plenty of action and Scott and I caught several nice size kings. On the way in for the day we stopped at a last location. This old wreck was covered in red snapper and we quickly put the hurting on some nice snappers. We had 3 cobia show up and we were able to pick up 2 of the 3 with only 1 being of legal size to keep. All in all it was a great day, we caught amberjack, cobia, jacks, red snapper, and sharks.

24lb Jack
Scotts big Jack

Another good 20+lb Jack

A nice King

Scotts King

Lots of Red Snapper were caught

Scotts big Cobia

Scott putting the heat on a big Jack

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