Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blast From The Past

I fished the Llano River several years ago. I had a great time and have no idea why I haven't been back, I defiantly need to get back down there soon. Caught lots of Red Breasted Sunfish, Guads and Rios. Make sure to check out Enchanted Rock State Park also, just a short drive from the Llano.

Enchanted Rock State Park

Hooked up while cooling off in the clear water of the Llano.

First Rio

 Gorgeous rock bluffs along the river. 

Lots of doubles on these feisty Red Breasts. 

 Some whitetails getting a drink. 

Its all about the hat. 

More bluffs. 


  1. Casey
    Amazing images, and that sunfish is outstanding thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill. The Texas Hill Country rivers don't get a lot of recognition. But there are alot of beautiful rivers with good access to fish.