Saturday, September 7, 2013

Early Morning Bass'n

Had a great morning catching bass on the Hawg Tied. It was a beautiful sunrise with the sky reflecting off the water as the sun came up. I tell ya what, you have to have a lot of video to be able to put a decent clip together. With todays filming I was only able to put this short clip together. Enjoy!


  1. Casey
    I have got to do this---"film one of my catches"--talk about getting fired up this is one way to do it. Was that a frog pattern you were using? Thanks for sharing enjoyed.

  2. Thanks Bill. Yes I was using a frog pattern that I developed last winter. It fishes great and the bass love it. Click on the link in the post for a tutorial. Tight Lines

  3. Nice video Casey! Share your location? PM me :)