Saturday, October 12, 2013

It Could Have Been Worse

As I backed the truck down to the river to unload the yak this morning it was still dark. I hit a soft spot in the sand and almost buried the truck. You have to have 4wheel drive to get to this spot and the truck was in 4high which is typically all I need to get in and out of this trail down to the river. I had already buried the wheels pretty good before I switched to 4low. Once in 4low I was just barely able to crawl out of the sand and back on my way. 

Once I got the yak on the river and made my way down stream to the first hole it was just getting light. On the first cast I hooked up with a nice catfish which would have been perfect eating size if I had a cooler to put him in. Not sure what happened after that but the rest of the morning the fishing was slow. I caught a few small bass and that was it till right before I started making my way back to the truck. I was dead drifting my fly through a run when my line became tight, the fish stayed deep and had plenty of weight to him. I was thinking I had a good striper or possibly a drum by the way he was fighting. I fought the fish up and down the pool I was fishing for a good 10 minutes. He swirled several times on the surface but with the sun in my face and glare on the water I couldn't get a good enough look to determine what I had on the end of my line. I finally got him tired out enough I was able to get him up on a shallow rock bar to beach him and get my hands on what turned out to be a huge grass carp. Not sure how big he was but close to 40" and probably well over 30lbs. He put up a heck of a fight on my TFO TICR 5wt. 

Not a bad way to end the day. It could have been a lot worse if I had to spend the morning digging the truck out with no shovel.



  1. That is a fish if there ever was one! Do you use Boga grips or a net? A 5 wgt for 10 minutes? I traded in my 02 Blazer and drive an SUV on a car platform. Can't get to some of my spots and AWD stinks.

  2. Thanks man! I do have a 30lb boga but did not use it on this fish because I figured he would bottom it out. It was a great fight, the thing that saved me was the pool this wish was in was probably 60 yards long and 15 yards wide so he didn't have any where else to go. AWD is pretty much 4high on most vehicles, you have to have the option of 4low if your going to do any serious off road driving.