Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miami Canals

Things have been pretty slow for me in the fishing dept lately. Here is a trip I made to Miami a number of years ago. This is a fun urban trip that is cheap and can easily been done yourself. Just rent a car and use google maps to lead you to the canals. Talk to some of the local fly shops and they will help you narrow down your choices to the better canals to fish. They are full of a variety of fish that are willing to take a fly. I caught most of my fish on a fire tiger conehead wooly bugger. A nice light weight 5wt rod is perfect for these peacocks. I can't remember how many different species I caught but below are some pics of the better/more memorable fish caught. Unfortunately I lost a lot of pics when my old computer crashed so this is all I was able to recover.

Lots of Butterfly Peacocks.

Even the grass carp were willing to play.

Red Devil.

Mayan cichlid.

An Oscar on the hot fly.
(Fire tiger conehead wooly bugger)

 A very nice Jaguar Guapote


  1. My God, man! You just trumped any post I ever made! Awesome photos. Those fish are awesome.

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  3. I loved this post! Fishing those canals is so fun, and thats a huge jag!

  4. Thanks man, there easy to fish to!