Saturday, March 8, 2014

Electric Chicken SBS

I'm no Brian Wise when it comes to tying videos. Did this little Step By Step on a pattern using Blane Chocklett Big Game Shanks. Its basically a articulated Deceiver. Electric chicken is a color combo of pink over chartreuse and is a popular saltwater color at varies times. Its a very easy and simple pattern to tie. Hope yall like it.  

The Electric Chicken

A few color combos

I start off with a 6mm worm rattle and some mylar tubing. 

Place the rattle inside the tubing and wrap up one end. 

I'm using a 3/0 EC O'Shaughnessy hook for this pattern. 

Tie in the mylar tubing and cut off the excess. 

Wrap the shank with lead wire.

Cover lead securely with thread wraps. 

Tie in you saddle hackle or schlappen. 

Add some grizzly if you'd like. 

Use one of Blane Chockletts 28mm big game shanks.

Secure articulated shank in vise. 

Tie in some flashabou.

Add some bucktail.  

Reverse tie some more bucktail. 

Add some krstal flash the length of the bucktail. 

 Fold back buctail and secure with wraps. 

Add the eyes, and your finished. 

Chartreuse over white.

Tan over white. 

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