Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sabine River Sandbass'n

Had a great time down on the Sabine river this past weekend. Caught plenty of fish and had a great time with with everyone that was able to make the trip. For yall that didn't we will probably make this a yearly trip so mark your calendars for next spring. I'll let the pics do the talking, hope you enjoy the white bass porn. 

Not bad for the first fish of the trip.

An average fish for the Sabine.

One of the better fish at 17"

Lots of fat females.

Camp over looking the river.

Big fish on little rods.

Robert fighting a fish off one of many sandy beaches.

James hooked up.

Did I say these fish were fat.


  1. Thanks, Casey, never been seriously fishing for White Bass. So appreciate you sharing your trip. Those are some nice fish. How light a fly rod do you use? What type line?

  2. 3-5wt rods with white/chart clousers, typically a floating line is all you need. if the fish are deep or there is alot of current add some spilt shot to your leader to get ur flies down to the fish.

  3. Casey
    White bass is one of my favorite species to land using the fly rod. Looks like some of those whites are full of eggs and ready to spawn. Thanks for sharing

  4. Casey, one more quick question. Thanks for the feedback you already gave. Do you fish White Bass in lakes and do you use a sinking line in that situation? I want to check some out here in Northern Colorado that are lake/reservoir type.

  5. yes i have fished for white bass on lakes. if the fish are deep I will use a sinking flyline to get down to them. but chasing them when they push a school of shad up to the surface and you can catch them on small crease flies is a blast.