Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fly Fishing Offshore Series 2 of 4

This series will consist of the flies I like and how I normally rig up my leaders and wire bite tippet. Its relatively simple and I like to use the KISS principle. By Keep It Simple Stupid you make things easier on yourself, easier and faster to re-rig your gear and get your fly back in the water.

Gammy's SL12S AKA Trey Combs Hooks are a great 
blue water hook. 

To start off my leaders are very simple. My leaders are not setup for IGFA flyfishing rules, but I've never had any intention of putting a fish in the record books. So depending on the rig and what I am fishing for depends on how I'm going to rig up. In my opinion the best flourocarbon is Seaguar leader material and it is what I use for all my leaders. On my TICR 10wt I like to start off with about 6' of 30 lb flouro, I then put a loop on each end. The loop knot I'm using is a perfection loop. At the end of the loop I attach roughly 3-5 inches of 40lb wire. I like the silver/gray wire with a clear nylon coating, TyGer wire and AFW Surflon wire. The 10wt is always rigged with a chartreuse/white clouser tied with the 5/16" IBalz. These eyes are very heavy and are ideal for getting to the 10-40 foot depth.

I always like to have several flies rigged up with the wire already attached 
so all I have to do is loop it onto the leader to get back to fishing.

The TFO Mini Mag is rigged with 90 lb flourocarbon butt section to a 50lb bite tippet. This rig is setup for  topwater flies like Bob Popovics  Banger.

Bangers in white and white/pink are great topwater flies.

The 12wt TICRX  is rigged with about 6' of 50lb flourocarbon with a loop knot to attach to 5-6" of wire bite tippet. This rig is set up for large kings in mind and I like to have it rigged up with a tubefly. Bill and Kate Howe make some great bluewater tube flies.

To add some more weight to your fly to handle current or get it deeper
thread on a bullet weight. Carry various sizes to handle different 
depths and current speeds.

The TFO blue water rod is rigged with 6' of straight 90lb florucarbon. Not much to it, this rod is setup to put serious heat on big fish like amber jack, tuna, cobia and the like. Most people don't realize how much pressure you can put on a fish with a flyrod, the TFO blue water rod is a pool cue for a reason.

These fish are strong, especially when you are trying to pull them away from
a wreck or underwater structure. Not very often a fish breaks the 
point off a heavy gauge hook like a Mustad 34184.

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