Monday, November 17, 2014

Bass Shad

Here is a very simple pattern to tie and only takes a few minutes from start to finish. By using a worm hook. I like the Mustad 38105 Ultra-Lock™ Soft-Plastic Hooks because of the longer than normal beak on the hook. It makes tying in materials very easy. Any hook that you can get two wraps of material on will work. This fly is super light weight and is about as weedless as you can get without adding a weed guard. The hook keels itself and rides hook point up. Sorry for the gray over white, defiantly not the best for pictures. The material is SF flashblend, however EP fibers and other synthetic materials will work great.

Start with a worm hook.

Pick your bottom color and split it around the 
hook shank.

Take your top color and tie it in. Also splitting 
it so it folds back evenly.

Your going to end up trimming the fly, but as 
your tying in your material you will 
want to taper the fly in the 
general spade shape.

Next tie in one more set of materials on the top 
and bottom. 

Fold back and build a mound of thread to make 
the material hold back. Don't wrap on 
to of the material because it will 
make the fly have a flat profile.

Whip finish and remove from the vise.

Use some long blade scissors and
start trimming the fly 
to profile.  

Add some eyes.

A black dot for a threadfin shad. 

Chartreuse over white.

Ostrich, Marabou, Bucktail, and Ice Dub. 
SBS coming soon. 


  1. Nice looking that I've got all winter before chasing smallies again I'll have to put a few of those in my box.