Thursday, November 6, 2014

Half and Half; Not what you think

So everyone is familiar with the Half and Half fly; part clouser/part deceiver. This is a little different based on Jonny Kings Kinky Muddler and his Hoo fly. I think he already kinda makes a fly like this or very similar. The cigar body of this fly is perfect for mullet imitations and it has great darting action when stripped in. The rattle adds some fish attracting noise that can be very beneficial at night and in low light conditions.

Like most my flies I'm gunna add a rattle. 

Attach the rattle using some EZ Body. This material 
has a good combination of flex and stiffness to 
allow the rattle to shake.

Use some Marks A Lot markers to 
color the EZ Body to the color 
of choice,  

 Tie in a little bit of SF Flash Blend.

Then cover it with 4-6 hackles.

Then using Jonny's V-Tying technique work
your way up the shank of the hook.
Less is more is the best advice
I can give you when tying
this fly.

When you are roughly an 1/8 of an inch
from the eye tie in some 
Senyos Lazer Dub.  

Put your eyes on. 

You can pick this stuff up at most craft
stores for less then half the cost
of liquid fusion and its
the same thing.

Casey Smart did a good write up on this stuff.

You can add a few drops of water to thin it.

Using a small paint brush to paint the Fabric Fusion
onto the head of the fly. Let the fly 
sit aside and dry.

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