Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter Wonderland: Day 3

Day 3 started off fishing a new location on the Fork. A steep snowed covered trail leading down to the river made for some excitement, good thing for studded wading boots. The fishing started off slow, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful morning to be on the river. Generally speaking it is best to fish shadows as that is were the fish will be lying. In cold weather and water fish will normally move up into the sunny shallows to get some warmth from the sun. I rolled 2 really good rainbows that quickly shook the hook. Was able to land one nice brown. I think this spot will be really good in the summer and fall. With the deep water and long runs it should hold some really nice fish. After mid morning I changed locations. Just a few drifts at the new location I hooked and landed a really nice 19-20" rainbow. The fish on the Fork are some of the prettiest rainbows I've seen. For the rest of the afternoon a steadily picked up fish. Most taking a peach egg over the dropper midge. The fishing was regularly interrupted by a flock of geese, mallards or goldeneye's flying over head.

Lots of geese, mallards and goldeneye's 
on the river.

Pretty blue cheek'd brown.

 Midge's hatching on the river but the fish seemed 
to key in more on the egg. 

Best fish of the trip. 

One of many solid bows landed.

When you need a net
you need a net.

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  1. Casey
    Fantastic trip, a shame the midge pattern didn't produce, a 19" --20" isn't bad on any trip. Thanks for sharing