Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Wonderland: Recap

Well on day 4 my luck ran out. The weather turned cold and ice started forming in the river. If you've never seen it; it kinda looks like bubbles at first but its clumps of ice. The ice clumps will vary in size from a golf ball to a grapefruit. They will flow through the whole river and are concentrated enough to were you will be unable to fish as your flies will get hung up in them. Today was only going to be a half day as I had a flight to catch later in the afternoon. So I spent a few minutes just watching the river and reflecting on the blessings of the last few days.

I've been using the New Zealand Strike Indicator for a year or so now. I really like it and am happy to say its one of the few products that live up to its advertisement. For small flies like midges it is super sensitive and will detect even the slightest of strikes. Definitely a product worth checking out.

The Tacky Day Tripper box also works great for small flies. I little pricey but very happy with the box. I'll be picking a few more of these up.

And a short video I put together from the trip. 

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