Tuesday, May 17, 2016



With the rains last night that continued into the early morning the top water bass bite was good this afternoon. Caught a lot of fish on a Cohens frog leg diver. The water was a little stained so the chartreuse belly seemed to produce a little better than the white belly frog. The fish where right where you'd expect to find them along the edges and among the newly flooded vegetation. The fish weren't to overly aggressive and seemed to prefer a slower presentation with a lot of longer pauses between strips. Non the less when they decided to come up they smashed the fly. No real big fish today but lots of nice fish to a few pounds. You know how some people are dry fly purist when it comes to trout fishing, its easy to become the same why with bass and poppers. Catching bass on subsurface flies just isn't as exciting as seeing them blowup on popper. It may be the only way to fish for them in some circles.

Working on his back flips.

Just missed the money shot.

Gill rattling jump.

Cohens frog leg diver. 


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