Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Gill'n

Every Friday this summer I plan to go chase some bluegills and sunfish and post up about the fishing. I have a feeling some of the pictures and Friday trips will become a little bit redundant as there are only so many ways  to post about a quick trip to a local pond and there is not a lot of variation between bluegills in regards to size or quality of fish. But they are a fun fish on light fly gear and are almost always willing to put a bend in your rod. What they lack in size they make up for in heart and always put up a good fight. 

So today's trip started in the predawn hours with a near full moon still shining. The fishing was steady, nothing to fast and furious. Bringing a few fish to hand always makes being sleep deprived a little more manageable. Bluegill always move up onto beds during the full moon cycle of the summer months. I continued fishing for an hour or so after the sun was up and brought a few more fish to hand. This particular pond I was fishing has a really good population of gills but for some reason the bass are just really malnourished. 



  1. Casey
    The bluegill population can overwhelmed the bass population at times in small ponds, especially if the bluegill are the supersize ones such as the ones you've landed. The bass will continue to be small and in poor health as long as there is an over abundance of the big bluegill. The remedy is to remove most of the larger gills. Nice bluegills landed thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill, that makes sense. I think I'll be leaving the big gills alone in this pond. I have plenty of places that have good bass fishing but few with gills the size this pond pumps out.