Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spawn : Week 8

Happy Easter Everyone!!

The fishing was good this week and the bluegill are very active. The bass were on the beds strong this week with the full moon. This will be the last strong push and we are probably looking at another 2-3 weeks and they will be completely off the beds and moving into their summer time patterns. I went on a recon trip on some new water. Found some nice bass to 3-4 lbs but they were hard to catch due to the clear shallow waters they were in. I did catch some small bass and panfish. Not sure if I will be back to fish this water, it was a lot of work getting the kayak down in there and lots of dragging due to shallow water. With Easter weekend I had some family in town and spent Easter day putting my cousins Morgan and Kendall on some bass. We didn't catch anything to big but we caught a lot of nice bass and the two sisters had a lot of fun. I had them taking their own fish off the hook by the end of the day.

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