Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spawn : Week 9

The Bream are on the beds strong right now. There are a few bass still hanging around on the beds but at the ponds I fish the bass spawn is almost over. I spent a lot of this week fishing for bream and found a large concentration of longears. In my opinion the males are one of the prettiest freshwater fish that is native to the Texas region. They don't get very big but they make up for that with their looks. They have a hard time resisting a red ass or other small nymph/emerger pattern and can be pretty easy pickings.

 Look at that forehead, 
similar to a rio grande chichlid.

 I love the colors on this bluegill. 


  1. Nice pics, they are colorful during spawn.

  2. Devin
    Absolute beautiful Bream--here in Alabama we call that type bluegill a sunperch. The colors are astounhing--thanks for sharing