Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great Topwater Action

With the cloud cover and light winds on Saturday morning the conditions were perfect to throw some topwater flies. The fish where up in the newly flooded brush and grass from the rains the days before. I caught a lot of nice large mouth on a frog pattern. Is there anything better than watching a bass explode on a topwater fly? My day was cut short due to my rod breaking. I know the TFO BVK 4weight was not the rod of choice for throwing flies to big bass, but since it is a new rod I have been using it a lot and testing its limitations. Trying to keep a bass from diving into a brush pile was its match. Good thing TFO is located just down the street from me and I will get it replaced and put it in the closet till I go trout fishing; a much more suited fish for this rod.
A nice bucketmouth from the morning 

BVK, not a bass rod

 The chosen fly for the morning 


  1. Casey
    Cloud cover and limited wind yes is the ticket to get big hits for big bass with the fly. Nice looking bass on the 4 wt. Have the tried the bass bug fly line? It will get you the distance and it loads a heavy popper fast and gets it out on the water in a hurry. It doesn't take a lot of effort to cast a big popper with this line. Before I switched to the bug line I was working extremely hard to get the big poppers out there but with upgrade in line now it is much easier. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill, I'll have to give the bass bug line a try.