Saturday, July 13, 2013


7 and 13 and two very lucky numbers and it just happens to be today's date. I went to the river this morning looking for some fish. I was really hoping to get into some smallmouth bass today. As luck would have it I found a large school of smallmouth bass congregated around some bait and the fish were feeding heavily. It was pretty cool watching their dark shadows charge into the bait ball. Bait was being chased all over the place as they tried to flee from Mr. Small Jaws. The first cast into the bait ball landed the biggest smallmouth of the day. I must have caught a dozen more very nice smallmouth in the next 20 minutes. All in all I ended the day catching 9 species of fish: smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass, white bass, striper, buffalo, drum, catfish and a gar. I didn't take a lot of pictures today because I was messing around with the GoPro trying to get some good video. I'll be editing the video the rest of the day while I hide from the 100 degree temps.

The best smallie of the day


  1. Nice smallie!! From your list of species I'd say you had one hell of a day.

  2. Casey
    Outstanding smallie, and congrats on a fantastic trip, looking forward to the video--thanks for sharing

  3. Great smallmouth! That must have been a lot of fun...