Saturday, July 6, 2013

Internet Scouting

A fellow fisherman posted a huge redear sunfish that he caught on one of the local forums that I visit. I noticed he lived right down the road from me and I was curious where he caught this gigantic redear sunfish because I have been looking to get into some redears on the flyrod. After a few private messages were exchanged we ended up meeting up this afternoon at the local pond that James caught his redear from. James also blogs so check his blog out at The Yak Pond.

This pond is maybe 2 acres and is loaded with redears, big bluegills and some nice bass. I ended the day with several nice bluegill, lots of small redears and 3 bass that were a hoot on the TFO Finesse 3wt with 4lb tippit and a size 14 woolly bugger. I lost one bass when he straightened the hook. James couldn't fish to long but landed a nice bass and had a long distance release on another bass. Some internet scouting turns into a new fishing friend and another awesome little fishing hole close to the house. It will be a perfect little night fishing spot for the upcoming full moon later in the month. 

I love how defined this fishes scales are. 

I spooked this bass out of a culvert twice, so I went and fished another section of the pond to let the fish settle down and return to his hiding spot. I eased my way back over to the culvert and made a long cast up into it. It didn't take long for my line to become tight. A great fight on the 3wt, who says big fish wont eat small flies. This bass took a size 14 woolly bugger.  

I love the bold and defined "blue gill" on the fish I caught out of this pond. 


  1. NICE. Seems to be just the right spot.

  2. Awesome photos...gotta love those little ponds.