Friday, July 5, 2013


No not really, carp are a lot of fun to catch. Today was pretty difficult fishing though. Had clouds and a lot of glare that made spotting fish pretty difficult. The fish we did see were very skittish, probably due to the low water levels. The carp were spooking off the rod, the line, the fly hitting the water, the fly its-self and probably their own shadow, or so it seemed. I started down sizing the fly and that appeared to help, but over all the fish were very skittish. I only landed 1 fish this morning. Overcoming the difficulties that the day brings is what makes fishing so rewarding. If it was easy it would be boring and the difficulties make you appreciate the days when everything lines up just right.  


  1. The exact words. As I understand You...
    Liked it!

  2. Another beast on the fly doesn't get any better!!!

  3. Amen to everything u said. Those carp are WAY tougher than trout. One carp is cool; I've had a few zero days so......

    Here in Denver they are "ghetto bonefish"!

  4. If u ever find some under a blooming cottonwood tree, try an unweighted white wooly bugger; they are true omnivores and will take it as a cottonwood seed!