Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lotsa White Bass

James, Evan, Ben and I meet down at the creek today. The white bass are getting thicker in the creek. Not sure how many fish we caught but I think everyone would say we had a good day. White bass fishing is kinda like the dove hunting of fishing. Everyone can sit around in a hole BS'n and catch lots of fish. Its not overly sufficticated fishing and the intensity level is fairly low. When they are biting they will hit about any small baitfish pattern. Everyone gets in plenty of action and we get to watch each other hook up and play fish while giving each other shit about catching limbs on back cast, losing flies and missing fish.

I've always liked the dorsal fins of white bass.

Evan had fun with his 2wt glass rod today. 

Ross Reels

Ben playing a fish. 

One of Bens better white bass. 

James and I doubled up. 


  1. Casey
    White Bass on the fly is hard to beat!!

  2. I love how they tug so dang hard. I used to live right up from a boat ramp in our neighborhood where the White Riverr flows into Beaver Lake. I used to chase those things every spring far back on a feeder creek. It is way to crowded nowadays.

  3. Thanks Bill.

    River Walker, they do fight good and are a lot of fun to catch. Did you ever get into any striper or hybrids coming out of Beaver Lake?